Our in-depth valuation expertise enables us to assist you in answering your questions in this area.

We perform valuations for corporates, for SME entrepreneurs, for accountants for annual reporting, for lawyers and receivers in the context of arbitration and damage, as well as in an international context regarding asset restructuring. Our in-depth valuation expertise enables us to answer the most complex valuation issues. We can assist you in preparing:

  • Business valuations
    • We apply the most modern methods and techniques and translate this into an understandable valuation report. Many factors play a role in determining economic value, such as expectations regarding the company’s cash flows, but also developments in the market and your own organization. Risk and uncertainty are important aspects in determining economic value. A good assessment of and trade-off between financial expectations and risk factors determines the quality of a valuation.
  • Impairment testing and Purchase Price Allocation
    • We perform impairment tests as well as Purchase Price Allocations based on Dutch GAAP, IFRS as well as US GAAP
  • Valuation of intangible assets
  • Fairness opinions
  • Valuations in the context of arbitration and damages
  • Simple and complex option valuations
  • Damage calculations