Acquisition Due Diligence

Our acquisition due diligence services provide you with insight into the quality of results, working capital and cash flow generating capacity as well as the most important value drivers of the company in question. We adapt our activities to the transaction structure you have chosen.

  • The outcome of our work provides an adequateinsight into the quality of the underlying investment case and any discrepancies compared to your initial assumptions. We present a clear overview of possible price corrections and negotiation points.
  • You gain a goodunderstanding of the underlying historical financial information, the interim financial developments as well as the financial expectations of the company.
  • You will receive an overview of our recommendationsregarding elements that should be arranged in the purchase/sale agreement, including advice on guarantees and indemnities.
  • Our reports are fact-based with a clear added value. In our reports we recognize aspects that can influence the price and further negotiations, we advise on the structuring of the transactions and we provide input regarding indemnities and guarantees. If necessary, we help you with all the next steps up to and including closing and can assist you with post-merger integration.
  • We provide clear insight into those matters that are important to you to gain a thorough understanding of the intended transaction.

Vendor due diligence

Performing a vendor due diligence gives you as a seller an important edge in the transaction process. Normally, as a seller, you have to deal with multiple parties in a sales process, which significantly increases the burden on your organization. With a vendor due diligence, we prepare a due diligence report of a company or business unit to be sold on behalf of the seller but performed on behalf of the buyer. You will be the first to gain insight into all important aspects of your company. You can then pay more attention to several things that increase the value of your company. All in all, you are much better prepared to achieve an optimal transaction result.

Internal due diligence

We regularly receive requests to conduct an internal due diligence. This often has to do with the fact that stakeholders wish to obtain additional insight into (parts of) their company. These stakeholders are often at a distance from the (local) boards or management teams.

Financing Due Diligence

When financing institutions proceed with (re)financing, a financing due diligence may have to be carried out. We organize our activities in such a way that it is clear how the company performs, is expected to perform and how this relates to the expectations of the financing institution. We construct a financial model supplemented with the required bank covenants and analyze the quality of future cash flows.